About Us

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About Karen:

Karen has been involved with healthcare for over thirty years as a labor and delivery nurse, nurse-midwife, and nursing director.  Throughout her career she has always believed in the importance of holistic care and the value of complementary and alternative therapies as part of that care.  Karen first became acquainted with Reiki in 2002 and was immediately drawn to this gentle, simple, yet amazingly powerful technique.  She received her initial Reiki certification that same year.  Many years later, it was Karen’s personal experience with the benefits of Reiki that led her to become certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner and to open her own Reiki practice to share its benefits with others.  She is most grateful to her teacher,  Haleya Priest, of the Pioneer Valley Reiki School, as well as other area Reiki practitioners and friends, for their encouragement of this endeavor.

As a Reiki Practitioner Karen is a volunteer member of the Integrative Health Provider staff for Berkshire Health System’s Cancer Center and Kimball Farms Nursing Care Center.

Karen is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.


About Blue Heron:

Blue Heron Reiki is located along the Housatonic River where the great blue heron is a familiar but always inspiring sight.  The Great Blue is at home on land, in water and air, reflecting an ability to smoothly transition through changing circumstances.  Its long legs symbolize balance. This stately bird’s patient, solitary fishing style and cooperative mating colonies suggest an ability to follow one’s own unique path while living in harmony with others.  On the day the blue heron flew out from under a bridge and into view it was clear that it would be the symbol for this practice, promoting inner balance and well-being.