I was impressed by Karen’s concentration and gentle, warm touch during my session with her.  She asked where I most wanted the energy concentrated and the result was clearly improvement in my physical condition.  I have suffered many fractures in my back, arthritis in my right thigh and sciatica in my right hip, so pain is often with me.  After my first Reiki session with Karen  I felt better than I had in a long time. ~ GMR

My foremost reflection following my first Reiki session with Karen was waking up the next morning with a strong feeling of well being. I will return to further explore this practice.  ~ TLHB  

My first appointment with Karen, and my first-ever Reiki treatment, was a few days after a breast cancer diagnosis and I arrived in an adrenalin, fight-flight mode.  Just one session provided a turning point as Karen’s  touch brought me back into myself, able to gather the inner strength I needed to move forward with my cancer treatment.  What a valuable resource she is! ~ DD

Karen has the ability to bring a warm healing touch in a way that  helps me feel my energies centered in a new way. ~ DN